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Top 5 things to do in Athens

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The Acropolis is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking Athens. This ancient citadel contains the remains of several historically significant ancient buildings, the most famous being the Parthenon, a former temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Visitors can take a number of tours which give insights into Greek history, or walk the site alone.
Acropolis Museum
Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis Museum is a museum in Athens, where archaeological findings from the site of the Acropolis citadel are housed. Opened to the public in 2009, the museum is home to over 4000 artifacts found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes of the Acropolis, and contains relics from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.
National Archaeology Museum Athens
National Archaeology Museum Athens
The National Archaeology Museum is the largest museum in Greece, and one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. With the initial purpose of collecting findings from 19th-century excavations in Attica and elsewhere, it gradually became the central National Archaeology Museum, and was enriched with finds from many different regions. Its world-renowned collections, boasting more than 11,000 items, offer you a panorama of ancient Greek culture, from the beginning of prehistory to late antiquity.
Ancient Agora of Athens
Ancient Agora of Athens
The Ancient Agora of Athens as it stands today is one of the most important monuments in Athens. Walk the remains of what was once a place for the citizens of ancient Athens to meet, gossip, and get the news on the issues of the day. Everyone from philosophers to priests, and politicians to prostitutes crossed paths here!
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus
The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a temple ruin in the center of Athens, Greece, dedicated to the thunderbolt-wielding king of the Olympic pantheon, Zeus. It once contained a gigantic statue of Zeus that was among the largest cult statues of the ancient world. The temple was pillaged after the fall of the Roman Empire, and the statue of Zeus was likely broken down for precious materials, although its precise fate was lost in the annals of time. Only a few of the huge columns remain of this once-mighty temple, but it is a precious remnant of cultural heritage and a breathtaking piece of history to behold. We can only hope whoever did the ransacking was struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning...

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The Athens Pass

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All things to do in Athens

The Museum of Illusions in Athens challenges basic perception and allows you see how human brains process endless streams of information every day. Make your way through a vortex tunnel, and enjoy mind-melting installations and games.
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Τhe Museum of Cycladic Art is located in Athens, Greece. It's dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient Aegean and Cypriot cultures. The museum was founded back in 1986, originally to house the collection of Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris. Now it boasts one of the most comprehensive private collections of Cycladic art in the world. See exquisite marble figurines, vases, weapons, tools and pottery which transport you back to the Bronze Age!
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Torre de los Vientos
The Ágora Romana of Athens was built between 19 and 11 BC with contributions from Julius Caesar and Augustus. During Hadrian's reign, the courtyard was paved with flagstones and the full-sized columns would have been made of pure marble. After the invasion of Heruli in AD 267, the city of Athens was confined to the area within the last Roman city walls, and the city's administrative and commercial center was moved. During the Byzantine and Turkish occupation, the area was covered with houses, workshops and churches as well as the Fethiye Mosque. Explore the remains of these Roman relics in Athens and let your imagination run wild!
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The Koilon Theatre is a Greek theatrical company telling classic myths with a modern, comedic twist. They can be found beneath the cliff on which the Acropolis sits.
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Over 50,000 people filled the marble stands of the Panathenaic Stadium for the first modern Olympics in 1896, but it has a history dating back to the 4th century B.C. Located in Athens, this marble wonder is now open for public viewing.
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The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, in Athens, is home to approximately 300 operating models of ancient Greek inventions. The reconstructions cover the period from 2000 BC until the end of the Ancient Greek world.
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Dinner in the Sky Athens is an aerial dining experience. Guests are lifted 40 meters above the city and served a six-course menu while enjoying views of the city, the Acropolis, and the sea. It can be found in the Technopolis (Gazi) neighborhood of Athens, north of the Acropolis.
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The main building
Herakleidon Museum, located within a walking distance from the Acropolis of Athens and the Ancient Agora, is a museum dedicated in Ancient Greek Science, Art and Technology. The Museum is ideal for families visiting Athens.
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Hard Rock Cafe Athens

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From clear, turquoise ocean to buzzing clubs and bars, to towering ancient temples, Athens has it all - all year round. If crowds make you crazy, try visiting between late April and mid-June, when the weather is mild and the crowds are much thinner. If you’re there in July and August, get your sightseeing done early, before the midday heat makes you want to do nothing but eat gelato in the shade. In July it's common for temperatures in Athens to soar to 37 °C. In the winter temperatures tend to stay around 5 to 13 °C, with lots of sun.

Athens eats

Spot the best places to eat in Athens by the crowds of locals waiting for tables. Cheese fans will like the crispy saganaki, a crunchy fried pastry packed with Gruyère. Hummus is unavoidable, and moussaka is a must - an eggplant and potato dish with a minced meat bottom and Béchamel on top. Spanakopita is also popular, a filo pastry rammed with spinach and herbs and cheeses. Cooking for yourself, or looking for Greek snacks? Stock up at the lively Central Market - just watch out for the sheep’s heads in the meat section.

Ancient Athens

Athens, with its 6,000-year history, is one of the world’s oldest cities. You can cover all the major archaeological sites on various self-guided or guided tours through the 3-km pedestrian zone. Most people want to get up close to the Acropolis, which casts its mighty shadow over Athens from the hill. Join a tour for the lowdown and don’t forget to say hi to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, in the Parthenon. The best time to see these ancient sites is in the late afternoon, when temperatures are cooler and you can catch the sunset.

What to do in Athens for 3 days

LEGO marvels at Acropolis Museum

Want to see a Greek wonder immortalized in LEGO bricks? Head to the kid-friendly Acropolis Museum, where the cradle of Western civilization is explained and made fun for everyone. Witness excavated treasures and exhibits from the 5th century BC, through to the 5th century AD. Pose with archaic statues and see them from all angles, enhanced by beams of sunlight. And see the most important artifacts unearthed via archaeological excavation in Eleusis.

Hilltop wonders at the Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis, an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop, has been studied for centuries, but no one really knows how they built it. The best way to see and ‘feel’ it is by taking a tour, when the history and purpose of each temple on the sacred rock of the Acropolis will be explained. Imagine what it was like to watch a show at the crumbling Dionysus Theater in the 5th century BC. Learn about the chief shrine to Athena at the Parthenon, and see the views of Athens from the precipice - make sure to wear your non-slip shoes!

Rev your engine at The Hellenic Motor Museum

When you’ve ticked off all the ancient wonders, change gears and check out over 100 amazing cars at the Hellenic Motor Museum. From vintage cars to classics, there’s a huge collection here to impress any Top Gear or motor fan. Explore three floors and see cars from the 19th and 20th centuries. From models that are now out of action like Avions Voisin, Delage, and Lagonda, to cars that are still on the roads, like Bugatti, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, they’re all waiting to rev your engine here.

Get around easily on the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Athens

Athens can be crowded and hot, and you’ve got a lot to see. The best way to get around it in comfort is with an all-access hop-on hop-off bus pass. Valid for 24 or 72 hours, you'll have access to three lines and dozens of buses - no waiting around for cabs in the heat. Stop at the Parthenon, the antique market, the museums, the Port of Piraeus and more. Multilingual audio guides fill you with history and trivia as you go, and you get two walking tours and two photography tours of the city.

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